About Us

  • We specialise in matching buyers and sellers of Soap Noodles, and facilitating a smooth transaction.
  • We are able to find soap noodles that match the specification, quality and price that you require. We are paid a commission by the suppliers, which comes from their markup. Because the prices we negotiate can be very competitive, you therefore pay no more, and very often less, than if you purchased direct from the same supplier. Your contract is only with the supplier, not us.
  • We obtain competitive quotes for buyers, and once you agree a transaction with the supplier, we provide assistance where possible in the commercial process, and help to make the transaction run smoothly. However we are not able to verify all suppliers, and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are bona fide before sending any payment to them.

    Francophone ?
    Si vous avez besoin de bondillons/copeaux/nouilles pour la fabrication de savon, vous pouvez nous écrire en français pour chercher plus de renseignements.

    (O en español para los fideos de jabón)

  • Kosher and Halal soap noodles are available on request.

    Soap-noodles.com supports Sustainable Palm Oil
    See also RSPO website for further information

    Soap-noodles.com supports Greenpeace's and Rainforest Action Network's campaigns for conservation of the tropical rainforests of the Far East and will not knowingly work with companies engaged in environmental or social malpractice.