The price of Soap Noodles manufactured from Palm Oil, quite naturally, follow the world market price of the base resource, Palm Oil. Soap Noodle prices also vary greatly depending on their specification and quality, including colour, fatty acid content, water content, etc., and world demand. It is therefore not feasible to publish Soap Noodle prices.

To view the daily chart of Palm Oil prices, please click the link Palm Oil Prices courtesy Malaysian Palm Oil Council . This is useful as a guide to relative price movements.

Soap Noodles are nearly always priced and traded in US Dollars (USD), but palm oil prices are shown on the Malaysian Stock Exchange (Bursa Malaysia) in Malaysian Ringgits (MYR). Below is a convenient converter.

Prices of soap noodles based on tallow (animal fat) vary depending on demand and availablility of the raw materials.

 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) to  USD (US Dollar) Converter